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TK-lizer 500

TK Audio

The TK-lizer 500 brings you the sound-sculpting power of TK Audio's flagship equalizer in a double-wide 500 Series module. Like its rackmount stablemate, the TK-lizer 500 is a dual-mono design based on the Baxandall circuits of classic EQs from the 1950s to deliver the smooth, natural-sounding EQ you've been looking for. If your low end is lacking punch, or your highs aren't shining through the way you like, this is the piece of gear you need — regardless of music music genre you're working in. Add in the variable highpass filter, curve shaping options, and EQ control of your stereo field, and the TK Audio TK-lizer 500 is the equalizer that gives you the tools you need to shape your signature sound.

Flexibility and control for great sound The TK-lizer 500 is a very straightforward equalizer with tons sound-shaping power. It starts with balanced inputs and outputs for pristine signal routing. Along with Baxandall smoothness, you get the control you need to shape your sound. A variable highpass filter gives you flexibility when dealing with your low end, and you can switch both high and low bands from peak to shelving. Stepped-knob control means all of your settings are easily recallable from session to session and help you to keep the EQ consistent between your right and left stereo channels. For the 500 Series TK-lizer, TK Audio extended the boost/cut range to +/-8dB across the 41 discrete steps. Each channel is fitted with a level control that ranges from infinity to +6dB, also in 41 steps.

EQ control of your stereo field The TK-lizer 500's M/S function lets you shape the sound of your mid and side signals separately before they are decoded back to a stereo L/R signal. You can also adjust the width of the stereo field using the level controls. Now you can do all of your final EQing outside of your DAW for true analog warmth and response.

Classic tone-shaping with Baxandall equalization The TK-lizer 500 is a dual-mono 3-band Baxandall style EQ. Your high and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell-shaped curve, a must-have for fine tuning of your sound. Sweetwater's studio gurus depend on the fine-tunability and natural smoothness you get from analog Baxandall equalizers. The rackmount version of the TK-lizer is already a staple of top studios worldwide, and the TK-lizer 500 follows suit with its superior sonics and functionality in a convenient 500 Series form factor.

TK Audio TK-lizer 500 Features: Smooth 3-band Baxandall-style EQ in convenient 500 Series format Variable highpass filter adds flexibility to your sound-shaping options Stepped knob controls for easy recall and equal processing of channels Broad Q shape gives you a natural EQ response High and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell for fine tuning possibilities Built in M/S function for processing your mid and side signals separately Electronically balanced inputs and outputs for noise-free signal routing Internal, regulated power supply with toroidal transformer keeps your signal clean Not stand-alone; requires compatible 500 Series chassis

Tech Specs Number of Channels: Dual Mono High Pass Filter: Yes Number of Bands: 3-band EQ Width: Dual Slot Manufacturer Part Number: TK-lizer 500